Taking the Short View

If you’re a fan of any cult media shows – especially British ones of a certain vintage – and also possess even a rudimentary sense of humour, then author Nev Fountain’s “Mervyn Stone Mysteries’ trilogy of books should be right up your street.

The eponymous character Mervyn Stone was the script editor of a cult eighties BBC science fiction series dubbed “Dynasty in Space”, with all the extravagantly dreadful costumes, cut-price SFX and sets and even more flamboyantly over the top performances that this implies. The show is long-dead save in the minds of obsessive die hard fans, who rally every year at a hotel in the middle of nowhere for their annual convention. In Geek Tragedy, Mervyn Stone returns to that convention scene for the first time in years and slowly gets caught up again in decades-old simmering feuds and midjudged fleeting affairs while trying to hide from…

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